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Technical innovations took the world by storm in the last 20 years. A website to communicate with the outside world, a smartphone with its pleothora of apps acting as a personal assistant, a smart thermostat to make homes more comfortable, etc. are some examples of the new digital world. Whether an IoT device or an AI-based blackbox, the goal is to hyperconnect the globe to minimize the effects of geographical boundaries and optimize the resources.


New technologies created new opportunities for everyone. These new opportunities require acquiring new skills. In general, traditional processes emphasize formal education methodologies to acquire knowledge.  However, the digital world also optimized these factors. Anyone with a computer can earn decent money (twice the minimum wage) without stepping out of their home. Some communities joined the innovation bandwagon and climbed the economic ladder.

FiCity is focused on bringing these tech opportunities to everyone by increasing the tech awareness, providing training and creating job opportunities - The Urban SmartTech


Shashaanka Ashili, PhD
Parris Baker, PhD
Jay Harrison.jpg
Jay Harrison
VP - Operations

Shashi is the founder of SmartDrivinc, an IoT and AI startup focused on advanced mobility and logistics. A physicist and an engineer who invented the technology and built a world class team behind the venture. In 2018, SmartDrivinc got selected to Secure Erie Accelerator in Erie, PA. Through this, he got an opportunity to see the rust belt communities up close. A native of Hyderabad (software hub) and as a tech veteran, he saw the tech awareness gap within the community. He decided to expand his activities with a singular goal of "turning anyone into a software developer in one year". The result is FiCity - a sustainable venture built on proven business models to support local communities. 

Parris spent his whole life in engaging minority communities with a focus on improving quality of life. A Social Science Professor at Gannon University in Erie PA, he dedicated his life forming partnerships across the world that resulted in sustainable social changes. Dr. Baker is a Pastor, a Professor and a veteran of community engagement. Parris is also one of the founders and advisors to FiCity. From the minute they met, they started working on refining the community engagement strategy. It resulted in the expansion of FiCity  to Chester, PA.


Overseer Jay Harrison, a Chester native who spent years in Virginia politics before returning to Chester joined as one of the founders of FiCity. Pastor Harrison manages day to day operations in Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia. 



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